#opsmgr: The new BaseOS MP brings added features and less noise


Kevin Holman has announced that there is a new version of the Windows Server MP’s.

The download page is here.

Here is a quick overview of the changes:

New features

  • CSV Monitoring
  • Best Practice Analyzers
  • Performance Reports by system and by utilization


Tuned features

  • “Logical Disk Availability Monitor” becomes “File System error or corruption”
  • Avg. Disk Seconds per Write/Read/Transfer monitors have their monitor-type changed to “Consecutive Samples Threshold”
  • Disabled the “Percentage Committed Memory in Use” monitor
  • Disabled the “Total Percentage Interrupt Time” and “Total DPC Time Percentage” monitor
  • New “Free System Page Table Entries” and “Memory Pages per Second” monitors
  • Many new memory performance collection rules
  • The “Total CPU Utilization Percentage” monitor has its samples increased to 5 and timeout reduced to 100 seconds (under the interval of 120 seconds)

The following performance collections are now disabled by default:

  • Avg Disk Sec/Write
  • Avg Disk Sec/Read
  • Disk Writes Per Second
  • Disk Reads Per Second
  • Disk Bytes Per Second
  • Disk Read Bytes Per Second
  • Disk Write Bytes Per Second
  • Average Disk Read Queue Length
  • Average Disk Write Queue Length
  • Average Disk Queue length
  • Logical Disk Split I/O per second
  • Memory Commit Limit
  • Memory Committed Bytes
  • Memory % Committed Bytes in use
  • Memory Page Reads per Second
  • Memory Page writes per second
  • Page File % use
  • Pages Input per second
  • Pages output per second
  • System Cache Resident Bytes
  • System Context Switches per second

The following performance collections are now enabled by default:

  • Memory Pool Paged Bytes
  • Memory Pool Non-Paged bytes


  • The top-level “Logical Disk State” and “Network Adapter state” views are gone
  • New views: “CSV Health” and “CSV Disk Capacity”


Some things to note

The management pack must be manually downloaded and imported, it won’t show up as being an update in the catalog.

The new reports may not work properly until you grant execute rights to the “OpsMgrReader” and “OpsMgrWriter” users on the following objects in the OperationsManagerDW-database under “Programmability – Stored Procedures”:

  • dbo.Microsoft_SystemCenter_Report_Performance_By_System
  • dbo.Microsoft_SystemCenter_Report_Performace_By_Utilization


My opinion

I find this an outstanding update to an already good management pack. A lot of false alerts that I encounter like CPU Interrupt Time, Disk Transfer/Sec, Memory percentage etc will be solved by this update. The disabling of the disk performance collectors is a pity as the stats they provide are nice, but this is easily modified of course.

The new features will enable us to create clearer reports more quickly, and the CSV-monitoring is a much needed addition.

The best practice analyzers may come in handy of you want to adhere to Microsoft’s BP’s, but otherwise they are easily overridden.

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