#opsmgr quickfix: Dynamics AX 2012 MP doesn’t find any instances

We recently acquired a customer running the brand new AX 2012 environment. The management pack was already imported for some time.

The servers running AX2012 where discovered, but that is were it stopped…

So no instances, databases, sessions etc. where found. We checked and doublechecked our runas-configuration, but nothing seemed wrong. This also seemed to be a common problem on the TechNet forums.

As a last attempt to figure out what the management pack actually does to discover AX 2012 instances was to break it open as an XML.

What was immediately apparent was that instead of a regular VBScript, a PowerShell-script was used to perform discovery.


This discovery immediately lighted a bulb in my head.

I went over to the AX-related systems and ran ‘set-executionpolicy unrestricted’ in a PowerShell-session on each of them.

After a while the AX2012-views came to life!

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