Operations Manager 2012 goes RTM + my initial experiences!

Since the 1st of April, Microsoft has been releasing the RTM-versions of the System Center Suite.

While initially it is only available to volume users, it will probably spread fast enough so that at the end of this month there will be a global availability of the products.


As for my personal experiences regarding OpsMgr 2012 RTM: there aren’t any game-changing changes in comparison to the RC-version. However, while a ribbon was announced to be present in the RTM, it isn’t… I wasn’t craving (but also not resenting) this feature, but I was surprised to be greeted by a console hardly changed from its predecessor.

I tried to initially upgrade my RC-installation at home, but it failed at installing the datawarehouse-component.

A look at the logfile produced this exception:

While I do not use memory recommendations for my SQL-server (which had 3GB), it did not result in an issue with both 2007 and 2012 RC versions of OpsMgr.

I added an additional GB to my SQL-server and restarted my OpsMgr-setup (from scratch, since the RC-installation was botched at this point, and restoring the entire installation from backup wasn’t worth the effort).

The setup crashed in exactly the same way. I started to suspect the dynamic memory feature of my Hyper-V server, so I made my 4GB of SQL memory static.

Bingo! This caused the setup to complete without error.

I do find this rather weird as the SQL is an enterprise edition and should support the dynamic memory feature of Hyper-V.

However, OpsMgr 2012 is buzzing solidly now and more important, with the product being RTM, it can be implemented on customer environments! J I suspect that there will be some interesting projects the coming year regarding the System Center stack, and I will keep you posted on any issues I encounter on these adventures.

Until next time!


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