OpsMgr Catalog Tool: flexible MP catalog access

UPDATE 1: added extra features, see original description

I’m proud to present to you one of my first fabrications which I dare to make public:


This tool provides access to the same MP catalog as the one you use in the OpsMgr-console.


– Wildcard-based search
– Download management packs to a destination folder
– Download and unseal management packs to a destination folder
– Import management packs into a management group
– Compare the catalog against a folder with local mp’s or against a management group and synchronize new versions on demand
– Download mp documentation to a destination folder

Make sure you have one of the OpsMgr-consoles installed before running this tool,it works with both OpsMgr 2007 and 2012. Internet access is required as well, the tool won’t start without it.

I converted the script provided by muscetta.com to some C# functions and extended it into a GUI.

This tool may contain bugs so don’t call me when your PC catches fire because of this, use at own risk! Smile

Suggestions and remarks are welcome, and if I find the time and need, I will provide updates on this tool.


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