System Center 2012 SP1 is RTM! How do I upgrade my SCOM environment?

Hey all!

I am pleased to announce that System Center 2012 SP1 has reached RTM and is now available for Technet and MSDN Subscribers!

I downloaded the binaries for SCOM and here I provide a quick list of steps on how to upgrade your RTM-version of SCOM 2012 to SP1.

First, make a good read of the release notes, so you know what issues or extra after-installation steps are present.

  • First, take a backup of your SCOM-databases. If the upgrade goes wrong your database is toast in most cases, and a restore is inevitable.
  • Okay, get the SP1 binaries on your first management server and launch setup.exe, a splash-screen appears:
  • Okay, the most obvious option is the one we want :‘Install’! We are greeted by an overview of the upgrade wizard-steps (because it detects an RTM installation of SCOM 2012) and an extra warning that we should backup our databases.
  • The next screen is the usual licensing text. After reading it through (all of it of course), lets continue!
  • Just plain and simple, where do you want to install the new binaries? Take a pick and go!
  • Ah, the both dreaded and loved prerequisite scan! And what’s this, we are missing something! This means a prerequisite was added for the service pack. We need the HTTP Activation feature, a sub feature of the .NET Framework 3.5.1 role. (Might be different or not needed on Server 2012)
  • No problem, we just install the prerequisiteimage
  • Lets recheck. Much better!image
  • Next step, providing the SDK service account. I filled in the same one that was used for the RTM-installation.image
  • A summary? Are we done already? Wow, no effort at all (almost). Get ready, set, go & upgrade!
    image image
    And it actually did take this long…
  • But what about my second management server?
    Oh oh…!
    That looks nasty! Lets upgrade the second management server asap!
    You know how the rest goes 🙂
  • After the 2nd upgrade: much better!
  • Now, the only thing left to do is upgrade the agents.

And that’s it, you’re done!


  • Do not forget to go through the release n
  • New prerequisite (on 2008 R2): HTTP Activation (under .NET Framework 3.5.1)
  • Non-upgraded management servers cannot communicate with an upgraded management group
  • Overall, the upgrade is straightforward and foolproof

This was my last blogpost for this year. Happy holidays and see you later!

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